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By Mr. Mohammad Qudratullah Majed

Vyjayanthi has helped me and my wife understand the concept of investment. She has inspired and motivated us to invest. She understood our lives and our family financial needs and advised us accordingly to put us on the right track.

Thanks a million Vyjayanthi for all your help and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum budget for starting a mutual fund investment?

    You can start a mutual fund investment from as low as just 500 rupees! With the use of a budget of as little as a person’s one-time spending on a take-out order, you can start a financial journey towards sustainable wealth gain.

  • There are no age barriers to learning and investing. If you want to start investing on your own in mutual funds then you need a minimum age requirement of 18 years. But it’s never too late or too early to grow your financial understanding and start investing.

  • Whether it is the traditional investment options of asset acquiring or investing in mutual funds there are always concerns in growth. But with proper risk evaluation and learning you can invest safely.

  • Traditional investment ideas in our country predominantly consist of acquiring assets like real estate or gold. While many people consider it a safe choice, with asset acquisition there’s no guarantee of growing wealth with them. So, for seeing substantial and steady growth, mutual funds can be considered a viable option.

  • There’s no such thing as growing rich overnight, so if you ever come across such schemes, run fast towards the nearest exit. But can mutual funds help you grow your wealth? With smart and steady investing after risk evaluation, they surely can help.

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Vyjayanthi explained about financial goals and how to achieve it. I have always been unsure about how I am proceeding with my investments. However, Vyjayanthi used some tools to show me where I am headed. She understood my family lifestyle and accordingly gave few suggestions which will put us on the right track. She simplified it so much, that even my 9 yr old son evinced internet and was asking her the right questions. He is all set to start investing with a goal in his mind.

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