• SENSEX 76,992.77 181.87 (0.24%)
  • NIFTY 50 23,465.60 66.7 (0.29%)
  • GOLD 71955.00 -10 (-0.01%)
  • SILVER 89155.00 65 (0.07%)
  • NASDAQ 17,688.88 21.32 (0.12%)
  • FTSE 8,146.86 -16.81 (-0.21%)
  • Nikkei 38,814.56 94.09 (0.24%)
  • Crude 6571.00 -3 (-0.05%)

Mutual Fund

The various advertisements and the glory of celebrities might have attracted you towards the idea of mutual funds but the fine print and fast-read lines are enough to scare anyone from giving it a real go. But investing in mutual funds doesn’t have to be this way. Understanding the basics and taking advice from experienced professionals can take you a long way in mutual funds.

Starting with the smallest investment requirement of just 500 rupees, the professionals in mutual funds invest your money in various stocks and fund options with an estimated calculation of the risk and benefit profile based on your financial profile. With years of professional experience, our experts employ a diversified investment approach for accumulating manageable risk levels and better returns.

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