• SENSEX 76,992.77 181.87 (0.24%)
  • NIFTY 50 23,465.60 66.7 (0.29%)
  • GOLD 71955.00 -10 (-0.01%)
  • SILVER 89155.00 65 (0.07%)
  • NASDAQ 17,688.88 21.32 (0.12%)
  • FTSE 8,146.86 -16.81 (-0.21%)
  • Nikkei 38,814.56 94.09 (0.24%)
  • Crude 6571.00 -3 (-0.05%)


We are spilling the tea on this investment plan that allows the investors to choose a specific mutual fund or investment plan that aligns with their goals and risk management capacity, without requiring them to commit to a bulk investing plan in one go. With SIP or Systematic Investment Plans, you can choose and decide to invest in a single plan at regular intervals.

For beginners and new investors who are still unsure about the new age finance and investing, SIP is a viable option as it allows the investor to choose smaller investments at regular intervals rather than putting down a chunk of wealth in one plan at once. The experts at Mayanthi help you decide on your SIP details based on your profile risk and requirements and help you get the dice of financial gain rolling.

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